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The economics of a lease

Over the next week, I will be putting together a new class for ICSC’s John T Riordan School for Professional Development. The class will be offered as an elective for the Management, Marketing and Leasing tracks at the school which is being held September 23-27, 2018 in Minneapolis.

A previous version of the class focused primarily on discounted cash flow from the lease which I intend to incorporate into the class. However, I plan to also address:

  • The relationship of one lease and its impact on the balance of the property (and possibly the portfolio)
  • Premise by premise considerations for lease rates
  • Category by category considerations for lease rates
  • Building tenant improvement costs/allowances into the lease
  • How to protect yourself when you do give a sizable allowance (Security Deposits/Letters of Credit/Radius Restrictions)
  • Cotenancies
  • Termination rights (landlord and tenant)
  • Gross leases vs triple net vs modified gross leases
  • The cost of giving up certain standard lease clauses

If you have read this far, perhaps you were thinking another topic or two would be addressed in the class. Well, now is your chance to help shape the curriculum.

Please comment with any additional items you think you be valuable for inclusion.

Here is the link to the John T. Riordan School for Retail Real Estate Professionals. The School offers tracks for Leasing, Management, Marketing and Development, Design and Construction, as well as a new Leadership Institute.

Hope to see you there!


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